List of Banks That Sell Gold Coins: 2024 Update

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Last Updated: March 28, 2024

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and stability. In today’s uncertain economic climate, many investors turn to gold as a safe haven. Among the various ways to invest in gold, purchasing gold coins is a popular option.

However, it’s crucial to buy these precious metals from reputable sources.

This article delves into the list of banks that sell gold coins, offering a guide on how to make these purchases and why banks are a trusted source for such investments.

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List of Banks Selling Gold Coins

The market for gold coins is diverse, with several banks offering unique options for investors and collectors. Here’s a more detailed look at some of these banks:

  • HSBC:
    • Global Operations: HSBC’s international presence makes it a go-to for investors around the world.
    • Gold Coin Options: Offers a range of gold bullion coins, including popular choices like the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf.
    • Investment Services: Provides comprehensive gold investment services, including advice on portfolio diversification with gold.
  • Leader Bank:
    • Customer-Centric Services: Known for its personalized customer service and investment guidance.
    • Gold Bullion Coins: Specializes in a variety of gold bullion coins, catering to both novice and seasoned investors.
    • Educational Resources: Offers resources to educate customers about gold investments and market trends.
  • Wells Fargo:
    • Selective Offerings: Occasionally offers gold coins, particularly in regions with a high demand for gold investments.
    • Investment Advice: Provides investment advice for customers looking to include gold in their portfolios.
  • Bank of America:
    • Referral Services: While it doesn’t sell gold coins directly, it connects customers with trusted gold coin dealers.
    • Gold Investment Options: Offers a range of gold investment options, including gold funds and ETFs.
  • Deutsche Bank:
    • European Market Focus: Offers gold investment products, including coins, primarily in European markets.
    • Diverse Investment Portfolio: Known for its diverse portfolio of gold investment products.
  • Regional and International Banks:
    • Local Market Options: Some regional banks offer gold coins tailored to the needs and preferences of the local market.
    • Global Choices: International banks often provide a wider range of gold coin options, suitable for global investors.
  • Other Notable Banks:
    • UBS and Credit Suisse: Known for their gold bars, these Swiss banks also offer gold coins for high-net-worth clients.
    • Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Offers a range of gold bullion coins, including the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin.
    • Standard Chartered: Provides gold coins and other precious metal investments in select markets.

How to Buy Gold Coins from Your Bank

a customer at a bank buying gold bars

Purchasing gold coins from a bank involves several key steps:

  1. Research and Select a Bank:
    • Identify banks that offer gold coins.
    • Consider the bank’s reputation in the gold market and the variety of gold coins offered.
  2. Understand the Types of Gold Coins Available:
    • Banks may offer bullion coins or numismatic (collector) coins.
    • Bullion coins are valued based on gold content, while numismatic coins have value based on rarity and historical significance.
  3. Inquire About Availability and Pricing:
    • Contact the bank to inquire about the availability of gold coins.
    • Understand the pricing mechanism, which is often based on the current market price of gold.
  4. Review the Bank’s Policies and Procedures:
    • Each bank has its own policies for purchasing gold coins, including identification requirements and purchase limits.
  5. Plan Your Purchase:
    • Decide on the amount and type of gold coins you wish to purchase.
    • Monitor gold prices and market trends.
  6. Complete the Transaction:
    • Visit the bank to complete your purchase, ensuring all documentation is accurate.

By following these steps, you can confidently purchase gold coins from your bank, ensuring a secure and informed investment.

Why Buy Gold Coins from Banks?

Purchasing gold coins from banks offers several advantages:

  • Trust and Credibility:
    • Banks are established, regulated financial institutions, offering a level of trust and credibility.
    • They ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of gold coins.
  • Convenience and Accessibility:
    • Many investors appreciate the convenience of buying gold coins through their existing banking relationships.
    • Banks provide a straightforward purchasing process, especially beneficial for newcomers to gold investment.
  • Expertise and Guidance:
    • Banks usually have knowledgeable staff offering valuable advice and guidance on gold coin purchases.
    • This expertise is beneficial for making informed decisions.
  • Security and Safety:
    • Transactions with banks are generally secure, reducing the risk of fraud.
    • Banks offer safe deposit boxes and other secure storage options for gold coins.

Online Alternatives for Buying Gold Coins

While banks are a secure source for purchasing gold coins, there are also reputable online alternatives:

  • Online Coin Dealers:
    • Websites like Goldco and JM Bullion offer a wide range of gold coins.
    • They provide detailed information on each coin’s history and investment value.
  • US Mint and Authorized Dealers:
    • Purchasing directly from the US Mint or its authorized dealers ensures the authenticity of gold coins.
    • They offer a variety of gold bullion coins, including limited editions.
  • Advantages and Risks of Online Purchases:
    • Advantages: Greater variety, often better pricing, and the convenience of shopping from home.
    • Risks: Potential for fraud, importance of verifying the dealer’s credibility, and ensuring secure transactions.

Why We Recommend Goldco for Buying Gold Coins

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Goldco stands out as a reputable and reliable choice for several reasons:

  • Expertise and Reputation:
    • Goldco is known for its expertise in the precious metals industry.
    • They offer knowledgeable guidance, making them ideal for both novice and experienced investors.
  • Wide Selection of Gold Coins:
    • Goldco provides a diverse range of gold coin options, including bullion and numismatic coins.
    • Their selection caters to various investment strategies and preferences.
  • Customer-Centric Approach:
    • Goldco prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering personalized service.
    • Their team is dedicated to helping clients understand their investment options.
  • Educational Resources:
    • Goldco offers extensive educational resources, including guides and market analysis.
    • These resources are invaluable for investors looking to deepen their understanding of gold investments.
  • Secure and Easy Transaction Process:
    • The process of buying gold coins through Goldco is secure, transparent, and user-friendly.
    • They ensure a smooth transaction experience, from selection to purchase and delivery.

Tips for Safely Buying Gold Coins Online in the USA

When purchasing gold coins online, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and authenticity. Here are some tips to ensure a secure transaction:

  • Conduct Thorough Research:
    • Investigate the reputation and reviews of the online dealer.
    • Look for accreditation from industry bodies like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Verify Authenticity and Certification:
    • Ensure that the gold coins come with certification of authenticity.
    • Check if they are graded by reputable agencies like NGC or PCGS.
  • Understand Pricing and Market Trends:
    • Be aware of the current gold market price.
    • Understand how pricing works for different types of gold coins.
  • Review Shipping and Insurance Policies:
    • Ensure that the dealer offers insured shipping.
    • Understand the terms and conditions related to shipping and handling.

Types of Gold Coins Available

piles of gold coins on a vault table

There are various types of gold coins available for investors and collectors:

  • Bullion Coins:
    • These are valued primarily for their gold content.
    • Popular examples include the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf.
  • Numismatic Coins:
    • These are collector coins, valued for their rarity, design, and historical significance.
    • Their value often exceeds their gold content value.
  • Semi-Numismatic and Commemorative Coins:
    • These coins have both collector and bullion appeal.
    • They are often issued to commemorate significant events or figures.
  • Fractional Gold Coins:
    • These are smaller, more affordable gold coins.
    • They offer an accessible entry point for new investors.


In conclusion, investing in gold coins can be a wise decision for diversifying your portfolio and preserving wealth. Whether purchasing from banks, online dealers, or specialized companies like Goldco, it’s important to conduct thorough research, understand the types of gold coins available, and ensure the authenticity and security of your investment. With the right approach, buying gold coins can be a rewarding and secure investment.

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Do major US banks like Bank of America and Chase sell gold coins?

  • Bank of America does not directly sell gold coins but may offer referrals to trusted dealers.
  • Chase and some other major banks typically do not sell gold coins directly to the public. However, they might provide investment options in gold or referrals.

Can you sell gold bars to a bank?

  • Most banks do not buy gold bars or coins back from customers. It’s more common to sell gold bars to a precious metals dealer, a coin shop, or through online platforms specialized in gold transactions.

Why do banks sell gold?

  • Banks offer gold coins and other precious metals as part of their investment products to meet the diverse needs of their customers.
  • Selling gold allows banks to cater to clients interested in tangible assets as a hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty.

How do I know if the gold coins sold by banks are authentic?

  • Banks, being reputable financial institutions, ensure the authenticity of the gold coins they sell.
  • Gold coins sold by banks often come with certificates of authenticity and are sourced from reputable mints.

Are gold coins from banks more expensive than from other sources?

  • The pricing of gold coins from banks can be slightly higher due to their credibility and the convenience they offer.
  • It’s advisable to compare prices from various sources, including banks, online dealers, and local coin shops.

What should I consider before buying gold coins?

  • Research the current market price of gold and the premiums charged over the spot price.
  • Consider the type of gold coins that best suit your investment goals, whether bullion, numismatic, or semi-numismatic coins.
  • Assess the storage and security options for your gold coins.

Is it safe to buy gold coins online?

  • Buying gold coins online can be safe if you choose reputable and accredited dealers.
  • Look for dealers with positive reviews, transparent pricing, and secure transaction processes.

Can I use gold coins purchased from a bank as an investment for my IRA?

  • Certain types of gold coins can be included in a Gold IRA.
  • It’s important to ensure that the gold coins meet the purity and fineness requirements set by the IRS for IRA eligibility.


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