Goldco vs American Hartford Gold: Easy Winner for 2024?

Written By Colin Kuehn  |  Precious Metals IRA 

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Goldco and American Hartford Gold are renowned names in the world of Gold IRAs. These companies have established themselves as significant players in providing retirement savings solutions through precious metals. Their services allow investors to diversify their portfolios, offering an alternative to traditional IRA investments like stocks and bonds.

  • Goldco: Known for its extensive experience in the precious metals industry.
  • American Hartford Gold: Stands out for its approachable investment options and customer-centric services.

Both companies have tailored their services to cater to the needs of those looking to secure their financial future through investments in gold, silver, and other IRS-approved metals.

Key Highlights and Company Backgrounds


#1 Choice for Gold IRAs
9.8/10Our Score

Discover the exceptional service that sets Goldco apart in the industry! Praised for their unparalleled customer service and unwavering integrity, experience the Goldco difference, where excellence is the standard.

  • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau 
  • AAA Rating Business Consumer Alliance
  • Claim up to $10,000 in Free Silver with Qualifying Purchase
  • Simple 3-Step IRA Process 

"I learned early on to put a percentage of earnings in gold and silver. That's why I recommend Goldco" -Sean Hannity

  • Established Over a Decade Ago: Goldco has been serving investors for more than ten years, earning a reputation for expertise and reliability in the gold IRA market.
  • Notable Features:
    • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Specializes in gold and silver IRAs.
    • Offers a diverse range of IRA-approved coins and bars for investment.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold
Top Rated Gold and Silver Dealer
9.5/10Our Score

Choose American Hartford Gold for a Gold IRA with no minimum investment and a trusted, A+ BBB-rated service. Their commitment to buyback ensures a reliable and flexible investment experience.

  • Inc. 5000 Top Rated
  • Low Minimum Investment
  • Family-Run Business
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Buyback Commitment

"The only company I recommend for your gold and silver needs ." -Bill O'Reilly

  • Rapidly Growing Company: Founded in 2015, American Hartford Gold has quickly become a recognized name in the industry.
  • Unique Aspects:
    • Also holds an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.
    • Known for its low minimum deposit requirements, making it accessible to a broader range of investors.
    • Offers a mix of gold, silver, and platinum investment options.

Both companies have solidified their presence in the market by providing educational resources and maintaining a high standard of customer service, as reflected in their Trustpilot reviews and BBB ratings.

Comparison of Investment Opportunities

In comparing Goldco and American Hartford Gold, it’s important to understand their distinct approaches to investment opportunities in precious metals.


  • Focus on Gold and Silver IRAs: Primarily offers gold and silver as part of its retirement savings solutions.
  • Investment Products:
    • A wide array of IRA-approved coins and bars.
    • Emphasizes the importance of portfolio diversification through precious metals.

American Hartford Gold

  • Broader Range of Services: Not limited to gold and silver, it also includes platinum in its offerings.
  • Investment Options:
    • Caters to investors looking to diversify within the realm of precious metals.
    • Focuses on making gold IRAs accessible to a wider audience with lower minimum investment thresholds.

Both companies align with the idea of providing economic security and protection against inflation through investments in precious metals. They cater to different investor profiles, with Goldco being ideal for those seeking a focused approach on gold and silver, while American Hartford Gold offers a broader scope, including platinum options.

Fee Structures and Minimum Investment Requirements

a man compares fees of gold ira companies on his computer

Understanding the fee structures and minimum investment requirements is crucial when comparing Goldco and American Hartford Gold. These factors play a significant role in determining the overall cost and accessibility of their Gold IRA services.


  • Annual Fees: Charges an annual fee, which varies based on the custodian.
  • Minimum Deposit: Requires a minimum investment of $25,000 for Gold IRAs.
  • Additional Costs: Includes setup and storage fees, contributing to higher transaction fees.

American Hartford Gold

  • Lower Fees: Known for lower annual fees and transparency in pricing.
  • Minimum Investment: Sets a lower barrier with a $10,000 minimum deposit for Gold IRAs.
  • Fee Waivers: Offers fee waivers for the first year, making it a cost-effective option for new investors.

Both companies have their unique approaches to fees, with Goldco targeting more established investors and American Hartford Gold appealing to those starting with smaller investments.

Customer Support and Educational Resources

Customer support and educational resources are pivotal in guiding investors through the intricacies of precious metals IRAs. Both Goldco and American Hartford Gold prioritize educating their clients and providing robust support.


  • Educational Offerings: Provides extensive resources like eBooks, videos, and articles on gold IRAs.
  • Customer Service: Known for its dedicated support team and commitment to customer satisfaction.

American Hartford Gold

  • Investor Education: Focuses on educating customers with detailed guides on precious metals and market trends.
  • Customer Support: Receives high marks for its clear communication and excellent service.

Both companies place a high value on customer education and service, ensuring that investors are well-informed and supported throughout their investment journey.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

The reputation and customer reviews of Goldco and American Hartford Gold provide insights into their reliability and the quality of their services.


  • Ratings and Reviews:
    • An A+ rating with the BBB and a 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.
    • Praised for its reliability and high-quality customer service.
  • Key Strengths:
    • Strong commitment to ethics and customer satisfaction.
    • Recognized for its high standards in the precious metals industry.

American Hartford Gold

  • Customer Feedback:
    • Also boasts an A+ BBB rating and a slightly higher 5-star rating on Trustpilot.
    • Frequently recommended for its impeccable industry reputation.
  • Distinct Advantages:
    • Known for its transparent pricing and approachable customer service.
    • Rapidly growing reputation despite being newer in the market.

Both Goldco and American Hartford Gold maintain excellent reputations, with numerous positive reviews that highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Products and Investment Options

The investment products and options offered by Goldco and American Hartford Gold are vital to understanding their services. Each company provides a range of precious metals to cater to different investment preferences.


  • Diverse Metal Types: Offers all four main types of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • IRA-Approved and Collectible Coins: Stocks a broad selection of IRA-approved and collectible coins from global sovereign mints.
  • Specialist Guidance: Provides expert advice on the pros and cons of different investment options.

American Hartford Gold

  • Focus on Gold and Silver: Primarily offers gold and silver products, with a focus on IRA-approved options.
  • Flexible Inventory: Stocks various IRA-approved and non-approved items, with availability fluctuating based on market conditions.
  • Ease of Selection: Facilitates investment choices with clearly marked IRA-approved products on their website.

Both companies offer an array of products, with Goldco providing a more extensive range, including platinum and palladium, while American Hartford Gold focuses on gold and silver investments.

Custodian and Storage Options

a storage facility filled with gold

When investing in a Gold IRA, it’s important to consider the custodian and storage options. Both Goldco and American Hartford Gold partner with reputable institutions to ensure safe and compliant storage of your precious metals.


  • Custodian Partnerships: Works with major IRA custodians like Equity Trust.
  • Depository Options: Offers multiple depository choices, including International Depository Services and Delaware Depository.
  • Storage Security: Ensures full insurance against theft, loss, or damage of precious metals.

American Hartford Gold

  • Custodial Flexibility: Primarily partners with Equity Trust but is open to working with other custodians.
  • Depository Locations: Provides access to various secure depositories, including Brink’s Global Services.
  • Storage Choices: Offers both segregated and non-segregated storage options to meet different investor needs.

Both companies adhere to IRS regulations for Gold IRAs, providing secure and insured storage solutions with a range of custodian and depository options.

Special Offers and Promotions

Special offers and promotions can enhance the appeal of investing with Goldco and American Hartford Gold. These incentives can provide additional value to investors.


  • Free Gold IRA Kit: Offers a comprehensive guide to precious metals investment.
  • Promotional Silver: Provides free silver for qualifying investments.
  • Variable Offers: Regularly updates its promotions, including potential bonuses on large investments.

American Hartford Gold

  • Bonus Silver: May offer bonus silver or fee waivers for first-time investors.
  • Fee Waivers: Potential for multi-year fee waivers, adding significant savings for investors.
  • Promotional Flexibility: Regularly updates its offers to remain competitive and appealing to new customers.

Both Goldco and American Hartford Gold use promotions to attract new investors, with varying offers that can include free resources, bonus metals, and fee waivers.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Deciding between Goldco and American Hartford Gold depends on individual investment goals and preferences. Here’s a summary to help you choose the right Gold IRA company for your needs.


  • Best for Larger Investments: Ideal for investors who can meet the higher minimum investment requirement.
  • Wide Range of Options: Offers a broader variety of precious metals, including platinum and palladium.
  • Expert Guidance: Provides in-depth advice and education, beneficial for investors seeking comprehensive support.

American Hartford Gold

  • Great for Beginners and Small Investors: Lower minimum investment makes it accessible for new and small investors.
  • Focus on Gold and Silver: Specializes in gold and silver IRAs, with a straightforward approach.
  • Customer-Centric Services: Known for exceptional customer service and educational resources.

In conclusion, Goldco is suited for investors looking for a wide range of precious metals and who can invest more initially. In contrast, American Hartford Gold is more accessible for those starting with a smaller investment and focuses mainly on gold and silver.


Addressing some common questions about Goldco and American Hartford Gold can provide additional clarity for potential investors.

  • What are the tax benefits of a Gold IRA?
    • Investing in a Gold IRA offers tax benefits similar to traditional IRAs, allowing for potential tax-deferred growth.
  • Can I roll over my existing IRA into a Gold IRA?
    • Yes, both Goldco and American Hartford Gold support rolling over existing IRAs into a Gold IRA.
  • How are the precious metals stored in a Gold IRA?
    • Precious metals in a Gold IRA are stored in secure, IRS-approved depositories.
  • What is the process of setting up a Gold IRA?
    • The process typically involves choosing a custodian, selecting your precious metals, and funding your account, all of which are assisted by the company’s representatives.
  • Can I take physical possession of the metals in my Gold IRA?
    • IRS regulations require that the metals in a Gold IRA remain in a secure depository until the owner reaches retirement age.

Both Goldco and American Hartford Gold provide extensive resources and assistance to help you navigate these and other questions related to Gold IRAs.